Saturday, July 26, 2014

something old. it's me.

In the years before children Justin made the mistake of buying workout clothes for me as a gift – before I had expressed interest in working out. Lucky for him they were pink and they were cute so forgive and forget. Fast forward six years and three small children and I still wear those running shorts, but laugh in spite of myself every time I put them on and see the “just do it” slogan upside-down on the waistband and remember how impressed I was they thought to flip it so it’d read correctly when, like every girl, I rolled the top of the shorts down. Now, not only am I not rolling the top, but I’m strongly considering sewing a longer hem along the bottom. I feel old.

In related news: the weather channel was a little off with their prediction of only a 30% chance of rain. Fortunately running in the rain is my absolute favorite.

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